Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryers (RVPD)


Rotary vacuum paddle dryer


Rotary vacuum paddle Dryer or Paddle Dryer is used to obtain dry Powder from wet cake or solutions. The efficiency is very high and the operating costs are low compared to other types of dryers. It is a closed system in which hot water ,steam, or hot fluid is used as a heating medium in the jacket, in the hollow paddle and in the hallow shaft.


How Rotary vacuum paddle dryer works?


rotary vacuum paddle dryer flow chart


Rotary vacuum dryer is a horizontal cylindrical jacketed shell with
hollow agitator, rotating in close clearance. A batch operation,
drying is done under vacuum, heating is through jacket. The
dryer offers a simple but effective method of drying wet cakes
and sometimes slurries. Due to vacuum and agitation, it is
possible to dry heat sensitive materials.
l Uniform drying
l Short cycle time
l No degradation due to over-exposure, more temperature
and time
l Automated discharge, ease of handling, with condenser and
receiver, recovery of solvents


Product Code : RVPD


  • Common base frame is unique to this system.
  • Drying optimization, this is done by means of external and internal heating.
  • Mechanical seals at Shell ends/Stuffing Box.



Model Total Volume (LTS) Working Volume (LTS) Heating Surface Area (SQ. MTS) Power Required for Agitator Motor (HP) Approx. Size of Dryer ell (Dia x Length)
RV-RVPD500 500 250 3.2 7.5 700 x 1400
RV-RVPD1000 1000 500 6 10 900 x 1700
RV-RVD1500 1500 750 7.7 10 1000 x 2000
RV-RVPD2000 2000 1000 8.7 15 1100 x 2100
RV-RVPD2500 2500 1250 10 20 1200 x 2250
RV-RVPD3000 3000 1500 11.6 20 1260 x 2400
RV-RVPD4000 4000 2000 16.7 30 1200 x 3600
RV-RVPD6000 6000 3000 17.7 40 1600 x 3000
RV-RVPD8000 8000 4000 23.5 50 1600 x 4000
RV-RVPD10000 10000 5000 27.3 60 1700 x 4400

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