Ribbon blender mixer

Difference between Ribbon blender mixer and Conical screw mixer

Difference of Ribbon blender mixer and Conical screw mixer :

The structure of the horizontal Ribbon mixer is that the inner and outer diameters of the screw installed on the stirring shaft drive the material in the barrel, so that the mixer can turn the animal material in the barrel. In the structure of the agitator, the spiral is designed so that the inner and outer, and the left and right are opposite to each other. When the agitator of the ribbon mixer works, the inner spiral drives the material near the axis to rotate the axis, and the axial direction is pushed from the inside to the two sides. The barrel wall material rotates on its axis, and the axial direction is pushed from both sides to the inside, which causes the material to convection circulation and shear mixing in the barrel body. The ribbon mixer completes the material quickly and evenly in a short time.

Compared with the double conical screw mixer, the ribbon mixer has the advantages of short mixing time, wide adaptability, no damage to the mixture, easy cleaning and cleaning, etc. It will not feed and grind the material, and it has good mixing of coarse and fine materials. Adaptability. The horizontal ribbon mixer produces compound motions such as transverse staggered convection, blending, and diffusion in the body without destroying the mixture, so that the materials can achieve the mixing effect in a short time.

The two asymmetrical spiral rotations in the conical mixing barrel raise the material upwards, and the arm rotates slowly. The material outside the spiral enters the stud to varying degrees, so as to achieve the continuous update and diffusion of the material in the full circumferential direction. The two upper materials converge toward the central cavity to form a downward material flow, which supplements the vacancy at the bottom, thereby forming a triple mixing effect of convection circulation; the standard conical spiral mixer has two stirring spirals. According to the size of the equipment, single (one long spiral), double (one or two asymmetric spirals), and three (two short and one long symmetrical arrangement) spirals can be used; in theory, the more the agitating spiral, the more the mixing effect Good; the equipment generally adopts a plum-shaped “dislocation valve”, which is closely attached to the bottom of the long spiral, which effectively reduces the mixing dead angle, and the driving form is manual and pneumatic.

The double conical screw mixer will not overheat the heat-sensitive materials, and will not press and grind the granular materials. The mixing of materials with different disparities and different particle sizes will not cause stratified segregation. Fine particles, fibers or flakes also have good adaptability. You can put forward the amount of processing you need, the form of equipment, specifications or the nature of the materials you need to process. The double-spiral mixer has stable operation, low noise, long service life, easy installation, and wide application range; it is convenient for feeding and discharging, with a small footprint and high production efficiency.

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