Double Cone Blender

Double Cone Blender

A double cone blender is a powerful and versatile tool for blending dry powders and grains homogeneously. Regardless, the double cone bender from Abster has superior durability and endurance, making it beneficial for use in any industrial application. The cone is precisely balanced, preventing undue load on the gearbox, and the motor is professionally engineered and accessible to maneuver.

Why Abster Double Cone Blender

If you seek the righteous manufacturer and supplier of double cone blenders, Abster from India is the one you can depend on. We worked for a couple of decades as a one-stop solution of a double cone blender. Furthermore, all of our products are 100% conform to the WHO, cGMP, GMP, 21CFR part II, and CE standards compliance. As your trusted manufacturer, safety and quality are always matter. We also offer different models of double cone blenders at the most affordable price.

Applications of Double Cone Blender Machine

In the chemical industry, it is been used in the mixing of chemicals, dry powdered detergents, glass or ceramic, fertilizer etc.
Different ingredients are been used in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to mix the ingredients dry powder mixing cone blender is been used.
More often for dry blending of free-flowing solids dry powder mixing cone blender is used in the food industry. It is used in the preparation of spices, flavors, cake mix, and other solid ingredients

Dry Cone Blender Machine and Dry Powder Mixing Cone Blender for Mixing of Powder and Granules